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Best Headphones For Rock Music

Are you interested in rock music? Then this post is for you.

People who like Rock or Metal music are always willing to find the headphones which provide great performances on guitar, bass and vocal sounds.  This kind of headphones are just perfect for Rock music because it makes the music more “alive” than the ordinary ones. As a heavy metal fan myself, I’m interested in searching for good headphones. Sometimes it’s just hard for me to make a decision between overhead headphones and in-ear headphones because these two kinds of headphones provide totally different hearing experience. If you are listening same heavy metal with these two kinds of headphones, you may figure out that the in-ear phone provide strong bass effects and the vocal sound is more outstanding than other sounds; but the overhead headphones provide more mixed and balanced effects in every sound. So I may prefer overhead headphones for my own case.

The following post will introduce 5 best overhead headphones for rock and metal music. The headphones introduced below may not be the most expensive ones, but they are beyond good for Rock.

1. Koss PortaPro

I’m listening to Judas Priest with my PortaPro right now. This pair of portable headphones provides a very impressive bass effects. The headphones has a very old-fashion design, after all, they are created in 1984, and haven’t made any change ever since then. Some people won’t like the 80’s aesthetic, but there’s no denying that Koss ProtaPro provides excellent sound effects, especially in Rock and heavy metal music.

2. Grado SR80i

This pair of headphones can be regarded as one of the best headphones under $100, because it provides incredible balanced, Hi-Fi quality sound. You may become interested in these headphones right now. In fact, they provides more than that. You may have noticed the suffix “i”, which represents that they are upgraded version. In this version, the headphones offers enhanced bass response, which is a very important part in Rock music. The headphones, according to CNET, “SR80i is altogether more exciting and exposes more of the upper register with zingier cymbals and breathier vocals” when compared with SR60i. This is also excellent for heavy metal music, especially the lead singer with treble voice, such as AC/DC.

3. Sennheiser HD 650

This pair of headphones, the flagship of Sennheiser, will certainly occur in this list. The attractive high-tech design, and excellent bass effects, and the exciting guitar sound, makes these headphones perfect for hard rock. But it should be mentioned that these headphones are heavy, and it is not suitable for listening while walking on the street. The price, umm, isn’t competitive as well. $550 is just beyond the budget of some people.

4. V Moda M100

V Moda Crossfade M100 is the updated version of M80, and makes improvements in both design and performance. M100 can fold into a compact bundle, even though it’s larger than M80. The sound effects of these headphones is also extraordinary. The bass effect is always the strength of V Moda headphones, and the midrange also performs well in M100. With the price around $300, these headphones are good for rock fans if they have enough budget.

5. ATH-M50

This is the only pair of headphones which is used for studio monitoring mentioned in this post. The headphones provides excellent balanced and detailed performance, even if the headphones are taken outside, users won’t be bothered by the noise. The headphones aren’t light, but people feel comfortable when wearing them on their head. Tight bass, and overall balanced sound effects make these headphones good for listening all kinds of rock music, but if people are seeking for booming low end with big thump, these headphones won’t come that low. This pair of headphones will cost you $150.See more best headphones for rock music at